Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Domain XYZ

Hello guys...

Did you hear about domain xyz?

Honestly i just know about this week.. so sad, i am late.. although i am late but it is good enough than i didnot know more
For this article, i would to tell you about the advantange dan disadvantage..

Actually it is same with the other domain ( ) because we need the domain to improve our stability and being the owner of the blog and not to depending on the other..

Ok, straight to my point..

First .. the advantage is we can get our domain because it is still now. Also, it is cheaper than other about lower RM 5 / year.

Second, the disadvantage is there is a lot of people dont knoww about this people..
And for my result. Some people say that the web's landing is too slow because they need to acces to first..

But from my survei. I think it is just ok. I dont know maybe their lappy is had problem maybe.. ouch, i dont know.

Thats all from me. Thank you..

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